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How to wear loungewear beyond the house

Fashion expert Musemo Handahu shows us how to dress up our loungewear.

Fashion expert Musemo Handahu plays with tones and tucks

Pair your comfy bottoms with some boots, a sweater and a coat. (Ezabriell Fraser for CBC)

Loungewear has taken centre stage in our closets this year. We've stayed safe at home and reached for pieces that were comfortable and Zoom-call ready.

If you're like me, you've found yourself gravitating toward certain pieces more than others. I'm here to show you three ways to take your favourite loungewear beyond the house.

Similar tones 

One of my favourite things to do is pair similar tones together. These rust tones, or any other tones you prefer, will pack such a punch when the whole look is put together. Be it bright or muted tones, you can't go wrong with this style tip. 

How to wear loungewear beyond the house


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Fashion expert Musemo Handahu shows us how to dress up our loungewear. 2:28

If your favourite loungewear top is on the looser side and button down, here's a neat trick I like to use:

  • Unbutton a few buttons from the hem to the waist area.
  • Cross the exposed ends one over the other.
  • Tuck them into the opposite sides of the waistband.

Doing this will create a more tapered silhouette on a top that is loose. Alternatively, you could tuck in one side and let the other hang, or tie a knot for a cropped feel.

Bottoms and boots 

For a quick dash out of the house, pair your super comfy bottoms with some boots, a sweater and a coat to keep you warm. A graphic sweater or one with a fun print is my go-to. It adds a little extra oomph to the look, especially if I'm wearing a basic coat with minimal features.

I hope these outfits make you look at your favourite loungewear with a renewed eye. As always, remember to have fun while exploring your closet!

Don't be afraid to wear comfy bottoms out of the house. Just don't forget boots, a fun sweater and a coat to complete your look. (Ezabriell Fraser for CBC)


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