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How hard is it to buy local produce in Nova Scotia?

Many Nova Scotians want to eat local — but how easy is it to buy produce grown in the province?
Can you serve up an all-local salad with one-stop shopping? 2:25

Many Nova Scotians want to eat local — but how easy is it to buy produce grown in the province?

The CBC sent reporter Carolyn Ray to try to prepare a local salad composed of lettuce, peppers, green onion, radish, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots. You can see how she fared in the video above.

We also asked you where you find local food. You can see some of the popular spots on the map below.

GroPro brings local to you

Jessica MacNutt runs Gropro, a delivery service connecting local farmers and businesses with Nova Scotians.

"We did find it very hard as students to find healthy, local food, and we often settled for whatever we can find within walking distance," she explains.

For GroPro, she shops at the big chain stores, and also local favourites like the Halifax Market.

"You'll find sometimes they'll be out, so you need to go to another location, or it's just not what you're looking for, that particular local product," MacNutt said.

Farmers coming to Superstore

Sobeys says 30 per cent of their produce is Atlantic Canadian in the summer, and that rises to 50 per cent in the fall. It works with almost 100 farms in Nova Scotia.

The Atlantic Superstore peaks at 40 per cent from Nova Scotian farmers. It works with 40 Maritime growers. In August, it’ll start putting local produce on prominent display and bringing farmers into the store.

Both chains say buying from local producers is their top priority.