Nova Scotia

House shot at in Dartmouth

Halifax Regional Police were at the scene of a shooting in the Woodside neighbourhood of Dartmouth, N.S., on Wednesday evening.
Police tape surrounds a house on MacKenzie Street in Dartmouth, N.S.

Halifax Regional Police were at the scene of a shooting in the Woodside neighbourhood of Dartmouth, N.S., on Wednesday evening.

Staff Sgt. Bill Morris said the shooting incident happened on MacKenzie Street, near Pleasant Street, just after 5 p.m.

"Several people reported gunshots," Morris told reporters.

"It doesn't look like anybody was hit, but we do have one house that has been hit and we're still searching for possible suspects."

No weapon was recovered.

Shortly after the police were called to Woodside, several people were arrested nearby on Highway 111.

Morris said police were not yet sure whether the incidents were connected.

"We do have several people in custody, we're not sure if it's related to this. We've got our general investigations section that will be dealing with those parties and right now we're still looking for possible suspects," he said.

Several pylons were placed next to shell casings on Everette Street and there appeared to be a hole in the side door of one of the homes on MacKenzie Street.

Carrie Kempton, who lives near the corner of Everette and MacKenzie streets, said she heard four shots and looked our her living room window toward her neighbour's home.

"I saw two guys running right out of the house up towards the parking lot here, through the church and the house there, up towards the street here," she said, pointing north on Everette Street.

"Woodside really isn't a bad neighbourhood but it kind of makes you wonder now. There's a lot of kids that live in the neighbourhood and the school here, so who's next? The house beside me? Me? Other people? It really makes you wonder."