Nova Scotia

Three homes damaged in fire on Regent Drive in Dartmouth

Neighbours told CBC News reporter Shaina Luck that the people inside the homes made it out safely and that some children are being checked out at the hospital.

Division commander says it's unclear where the fire started

Firefighters at the scene of three house fires on Regent Drive in Dartmouth. (Shaina Luck/CBC)

An investigation is underway after a fire on Regent Drive in Dartmouth burned three homes near Penhorn Lake early Sunday evening. Large black clouds of smoke could be seen from as far away as Halifax.

"There was a tremendous amount of fire," said acting division commander Ben David with Halifax Fire.

"We started with exterior operations only, and once we got it contained a bit more then crews were inside. The fire by then was inside the walls and inside the ceilings, and we were able to pull them apart and get at the fire that was concealed." 

Fire investigators say everyone inside the homes made it out safely, but that it's unclear where the fire started. Most of the damage was done to one half of a duplex unit where a family of four lived. Fire officials say the people who lived in both sides of duplex will not be able to return home because it is too badly damaged.

David says the blue house next to the duplex that was burned is still liveable. A shed in between the house and the duplex was completely destroyed in the fire.

Scorched homes on Regent Drive

Home next to the duplex burned by flames. (Ralph Waugh)
A firefighter extinguishes hot spots on the Regent Drive duplex, one of three homes burned by flames Sunday evening. (Ralph Waugh)
Neighbours take in the fire damage. (Ralph Waugh)

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