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Hope for Wildlife's owl Quill safely released into the wild

Last month, we told you about an unwise owl who got into a tangle with a porcupine.

Extreme hunger may have motivated unwise attack

Last month, we told you about an unwise owl who got into a tangle with a porcupine. 

Quill, as his rescuers at Hope for Wildlife called him, is a great horned owl. After he clashed with the porcupine, he nearly starved to death. 

"By the looks of it, he landed right on it. All of his talons had quills in the base, all of his feet, the pads of his feet were full of quills, up his legs, he had them in his chest, in his face, he had a few in his eye, in his eyelid," said Katie Hauser of Hope for Wildlife. 

Usually, owls know to stay away from porcupines unless they are desperate.

But Dr. Barry MacEachern treated Quill and he fully recovered. He even gained weight. On Wednesday, Hope for Wildlife released Quill into the wild near Grand Lake. 


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