Nova Scotia

Historic Pictou County store closes

A store that has sold household items and antiques for more than a hundred years in Pictou County is closing its doors.

Garrett's by the Bridge has welcomed locals since 1892

A New Glasgow landmark will be closing its doors at the end of November.

Garrett's by the Bridge has welcomed locals since 1892.

Eddie MacArthur has made a lot of friendships over his 54 years at the store. He started as a part-time clerk but now is the owner.

The antique store was once known as the best place in the area to buy just about any household item you could imagine. But those days are gone and by month's end, so will the store and all its memories.

"Any of my customers, or people who come in so far, they are all really sad to see it closing up," said MacArthur.

MacArthur said it's time to retire from running the store, which has more of a museum look to it. On the shelves you'll see a wide variety of unusual products from old jugs of moonshine, to valuable and rare Trenton glass. The store is full of history from Pictou County and beyond and regulars often came to the store to soak in all the memories.

"I come in here quite a bit to buy guitar strings and what have you," said Lawrence Sinclair. "I'm going to miss him. We come in here and have lots of chats and play guitar now and then."

Shaun McLean also shares a close bond with MacArthur. That's because McLean and his mom once ran a rival antique store. It too has since closed.

"It's actually quite sad to tell you the truth," said McLean. "It's the fabric and the culture of this county. Somehow small business and maybe it's the same everywhere, but you certainly see it here."

Though it's always been about running a successful business, MacArthur insists that's not what he'll miss most.

"I guess I'll miss being here everyday and meeting all the customers and all the friends I've made over the years," said MacArthur. "That's the biggest thing I'm going to miss."