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Hank Snow Tribute starts in Liverpool Thursday

Country music lovers will be driving into Liverpool in RVs Thursday to start celebrating the 25th annual Hank Snow Tribute.

Clarence Eugene 'Hank' Snow was born in 1914 in Brooklyn, Queens County

Hank Snow left behind a legacy as one of the most prolific recording artists in country music history. (CBC Still Photo Collection)

Country music lovers will be driving into Liverpool in RVs Thursday to start celebrating the 25th annual Hank Snow Tribute.

The event began in 1991 as a fundraiser to start a Hank Snow museum. It took place in an afternoon on the Summerville Beach with around 10 bands.

Now, the event runs from August 20-23 and features more than 38 bands. Charlie Major will headline this year's event at the Queens Place Emera Centre. 

"We have several people that have gone to every single tribute, to 25 tributes," said Kelly Inglis, co-chair of the event and general manager of the Hank Snow Home Town Museum.

"It's like one of those do not miss events."

Inglis said the fan support has kept the tribute going. 

She said many people feel a connection with his music because they grew up with it.

"He's an international superstar. One of those few, you know, that's come out of the Maritimes," Inglis said.

8 halls of fame

Clarence Eugene "Hank" Snow was born in 1914 on Nova Scotia's south shore in Brooklyn, Queens County. 

He went on to become a country music legend with his name in eight different halls of fame, according to the Hank Snow Home Town Museum. 

He died at his home in Tennessee in 1999. He was 85. 

Inglis said people plan their summers around the tribute. 

One of her favourite parts of the tribute is when people start showing up in their RVs to stay for the weekend. 

"Everybody's happy to see each other, like a big family reunion. People are just excited to be there," Inglis said.

About 100 people volunteer to help put on the tribute. The musicians are all volunteers, except for the headliner.


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