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Halifax police officer charged with sexual assault

Const. Pierre Paul Cadieux was training to be a Halifax Regional Police officer at the time of the alleged 2016 incident.

Pierre Paul Cadieux was training to be a Halifax Regional Police officer at time of alleged incident

Const. Pierre-Paul Cadieux, shown here in his role as station chief for Lake Echo's volunteer fire department, was in training to be a police officer at the time of the alleged sexual assault. (Lake Echo Fire)

Update, July 22, 2020: The Public Prosecution Service of Nova Scotia has stayed sexual assault charge against Cadieux and he has returned to work.

A Halifax police officer has been charged with sexual assaulting a fellow Halifax Regional Police employee somewhere in the municipality in mid-2016.

Const. Pierre Paul Cadieux was arrested by Halifax Regional Police Tuesday morning and was released in the afternoon with conditions.

Police say Cadieux was not a Halifax Regional Police employee at the time of the alleged incident, but he was training at the Atlantic Police Academy to become an officer with the force.

Police said the alleged assault was not random, stating Cadieux and his accuser knew one another.

Cadieux has been suspended with pay in accordance with the Nova Scotia Police Act, Halifax Regional Police said. (Robert Short/CBC)

Supt. Jim Perrin wouldn't reveal the gender of the complainant or whether she or he was an officer or not.

"Our employees' conduct is critical to building and maintaining the public's trust. Any instance of an HRP employee being charged is one too many. We take these matters very seriously," said Perrin.

"Obviously the public deserves to expect that their police officers will perform and act with the highest of integrity, and although we don't expect the public to judge us on isolated incidents, we also … recognize that when a police officer is charged, it's troubling. It's troubling for the community, it's troubling for the organization."

Perrin said although the incident occurred in 2016, the complaint was not filed until May 25, 2018.

"The whole experience of sexual assault for the victims, it's complex.… We recognize the victim's power to report it to the police when the time is right for them."

Supt. Jim Perrin is the officer in charge of the criminal investigation division. (Dave Laughlin/CBC)

Cadieux is scheduled to appear at Dartmouth provincial court July 31. He has been suspended with pay for a minimum of 60 days, at which point the police chief will decide whether to continue the payments, Perrin said.

Police said Cadieux has less than two years of service with Halifax Regional Police. He's also listed as station chief for Lake Echo's volunteer fire department.

Halifax police consulted with Nova Scotia's police watchdog, the Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT), about the case, but since Cadieux was not an officer at the time of the alleged assault, it was deemed not to fit SIRT's mandate.

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