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Halifax police investigate vote theft alleged by Dawgfather PHD

Defeated councillor Linda Mosher received texts and calls from Jerry Reddick, or the Dawgfather PHD, alerting her to the voter theft allegations, her campaign manager Michael Kydd said.

Defeated Halifax councillor's campaign manager says Linda Mosher received texts from hotdog vendor

The complaint comes from defeated councillor Linda Mosher's campaign team, which received the allegation of stolen votes after the election. (CBC)

Halifax police have opened an investigation into allegations of stolen votes based on a series of texts from a local hotdog vendor.

After last weekend's election, defeated councillor Linda Mosher received texts and calls from Jerry Reddick, according to her campaign manager, Michael Kydd.

Reddick also goes by the name Dawgfather PHD, and is known locally for his mobile food stand on Dalhousie University's campus.

"I think you were cheated out of your seat and you shouldn't give up your seat without a fight," the text message, provided to CBC News, said. 

"We have proof you were cheated out of 311 votes."

Reddick ran for councillor of Halifax South Downtown in the 2012 municipal election.

Jerry Reddick is also known as the Dawg Father PhD. (Dawg Father PhD/Facebook)

Investigation underway

The campaign team was provided no evidence of the alleged fraud, but passed on the allegation to police and Halifax's election team, Kydd said.

Halifax Regional Police spokeswoman Const. Dianne Woodworth confirmed an investigation is underway.

Halifax Regional Municipality confirmed knowledge of the investigation, but would not comments on the details.

Reddick has not responded to multiple attempts to reach him.

Michael Kydd is the campaign manager for defeated councillor Linda Mosher. (CBC)

Recount considered

Mosher has been a councillor since 2000, and lost her seat in District 9 Halifax West Armdale by 106 votes, according to the official count.

Her campaign is considering requesting a recount, and will decide by Monday, Kydd said, but for the most part, has accepted the results.

Mosher has not been available for interviews because her husband has been in hospital.

Coun. Linda Mosher lost her seat by just over 100 votes in last weekend's election. (Pam Berman/CBC)

'Step up and clarify'

Since alerting the campaign of the alleged fraud, Reddick has said he does not want to be involved any further, Kydd said.

"If he has more information, he needs to step up and clarify it. If not, he owes Ms. Mosher a very big apology and an explanation in terms of why he would start to do something like this," Kydd said.

"She's been at the hospital every day by her husband's side. That's where she wants to be and that's where she should be."

Two other Halifax election candidates, Andrew Curran and Brad Johns, have said they will ask for recounts after losing their races by 35 and 47 votes, respectively.

With files from Michael Gorman