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Halifax musicians rally behind guitarist Rick Edgett

Halifax musicians are fundraising for local guitar player Rick Edgett, who's dying of cancer.

Local guitar player dying of throat cancer

Rick Edgett was diagnosed with stage four esophagus cancer in February. (Edgett Family Fund)

Halifax musicians are fundraising for local guitar player Rick Edgett, who's dying of cancer.

Edgett was a member of a Halifax band called Pepper Tree in the 1970s. The guitar player went on to work with a number of well-known musicians.

"He recorded with a lot of local artists like Doug Mallory, Frank MacKay and Ken Tobias. He was a session musician with the Doobie Brothers, Dutch Mason and Chuck Berry," said his daughter Chelsea Edgett.

"He got a nomination for ECMA producer of the year for another Nova Scotian musician Jakki Rogue's CD Take a look at this."

Edgett was diagnosed with stage four esophagus cancer in February

His daughter started a blog and created a pay page which has raised over $4,500 to make sure Edgett is comfortable and his family can spend time with him.

The guitar player has six children, one step daughter and five grandchildren.

"On Valentine's Day 2013, we all sat together with Dad in a room, and listened as the Doctor told us, 'This is not a curable cancer.' Our treatment plan for him will not be to cure him. It will be to improve his quality of life and make him as comfortable as possible," Edgett wrote on her blog.

"Unfortunately as a self-employed musician, Rick has been rendered unable to work and has no life insurance with which to cover the costs associated with a terminal illness such as this. Right now he rents a room in a house with a landlord and another roommate."

A group of musicians have organized a concert on his behalf.

"We're going to have the Sam Moon Band, the Loop, Katie Day, the Midtown Blues Band, Theresa Malenfant, the Gordie Duggan band and some of the family," said Chelsea.

The concert will take place at the Purcells Cove Social Club on May 26.