Nova Scotia

Halifax man loses bag with $13K, every dollar returned

A Spryfield man has been reunited with his lost $13,000 in cash after a Good Samaritan who found the money turned it over to police.

Bag of cash turned over to Spryfield police

A 28-year-old Halifax man frantically called police after losing a bag containing $13,000 in cash Thursday afternoon. (Britainy Robinson/CBC)

A Spryfield man has been reunited with his $13,000 in cash after a Good Samaritan found the money and turned it over to police on Thursday.

Halifax Regional Police say a 28-year old man called them around 1:45 p.m. Thursday.

He told police he was driving along Herring Cove Road on his way to buy a tractor. Along the way, he realized a bag with $13,000 in cash had fallen from his vehicle.

After frantically searching for the bag along the route, he came up empty-handed and called police.

While explaining the situation to an officer, a call came in that the bag had been found. A Good Samaritan had taken it to the police office in Spryfield.

The man was able to provide police with a detailed breakdown of the money and the bag was returned to him, with every last dollar accounted for.

Halifax Regional Police say since January, there have been 38 reports of citizens turning valuables over to the police after finding them around the city.

A number of gift, credit and debit cards, passports and more than $2,000 in cash have been returned to their owners.