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Man's pants lost during drunken night in Halifax are found

He has no recollection of what happened, but security camera footage shows he returned to his hotel wearing shoes and hot pink underwear.

Ottawa man turns to Reddit to find pants with wallet, cellphone after bar-hopping

The Ottawa man was in town for his grandmother's birthday when he went out drinking with his cousins. Things got foggy from there. (Getty )

An Ottawa man turned to Haligonians on Reddit with an odd request this weekend: "Please help me find my pants." 

Andy Gaudry was visiting Halifax for his grandmother's 80th birthday. On Friday, he went out on the town with some cousins he hadn't seen in a long time — and things get foggy from there.

'It's a great town'

"We were out gallivanting around town. I'm not even sure where we were, wherever all the bars are," he told CBC's Maritime Noon.

"It's a great town, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. So much so I felt the need to walk around without my pants on."

Gaudry says he must have had his pants for most of the night because "I know I went to this one bar that was open until 4 a.m." He says he has a tendency to sleepwalk, which is exacerbated when drinking.

Hot pink underwear

Gaudry doesn't remember much after that, but his bank statement tells him he bought food at a Shawarma Stop after 4 a.m. on Saturday. But his pants were gone when he made it back to where his family was staying at the Marriott Harbourfront.

He did manage to keep his shoes and underwear on.

"Hot pink underwear to boot, so you'd really be able to notice me," he said.

Gaudry's cellphone and wallet were in the pockets of his charcoal Calvin Klein chinos. In the morning he asked the hotel's staff to review the security camera footage to find any clues about his pants' whereabouts.

Offering a reward

"They checked the tape and I did indeed have no pants on coming into the hotel — so I was roaming around the hotel with no pants on."

Gaudry was offering a reward to anyone who can return his belongings.

"Any guidance would be greatly appreciated," Gaudry wrote in his Reddit appeal.

Pants found

Staff at the Marriott in Halifax tweeted on Monday night that they had found the pants.

Gaudry confirmed to CBC News that he was able to touch base with hotel staff. He said it was amazing his pants had been found.

Staff at the Marriott in Halifax found Andy Gaudry's pants along with his wallet and phone. (@darlemer/Twitter)

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