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Halifax's Floatation Centre urges you to embrace your 'laziest' self

Curious about the surging popularity of float tanks? The CBC's Colleen Jones stopped by to discover the secret calm of meditating in an "adult-sized womb."

North-end business offers 75 minutes of relaxation that it hopes clients share with the wider world

Halifax's Floatation Centre invites people to discover their 'laziest selves.' 2:00

The surging popularity of float tanks is inspiring many people to discover the secret calm of meditating in an "adult-sized womb."

The Floatation Centre opened last May in Halifax's North End. It won the gold medal for best new business in the Best of Halifax Awards.

Lindsey MacPhee opened the centre after floating in British Columbia. She loves that she has found a business that focuses on happiness. When people leave happy and zen, she says they spread that around to their family, neighbourhood and workplace.

"It's been likened to an adult-sized womb," she says. "Seventy-five minutes away from your phone — and everyone else."

She's seen a huge response in her first year as people line up for the meditative 75-minute sessions. Each tank contains 400 kilograms of Epsom salts dissolved into 25 centimetres of skin-temperature water. People float in the dark, silent tanks. 

MacPhee encourages people embrace the "laziest" version of themselves as they focus on their breath, practice stillness, meditate, or repeat a mantra. A single float costs $65. 

The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre in Bedford also offers floatation sessions. 

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