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Halifax doctor plays part in Michael Jackson doctor trial

A Halifax doctor played a part in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who was found guilty Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death.

A Halifax doctor played a part in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor who was found guilty Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter in the singer's death.

A jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty Tuesday for giving Jackson a lethal dose of propofol.
Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter for the death of singer Michael Jackson. (file photo)

Jackson's death on June 25, 2009, was caused by "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with two sedatives, the Los Angeles County coroner ruled.

Halifax anesthesiologist Dr. Orlando Hung played a part in the testimony that led to Murray's conviction.

"I was shocked that he used [propofol] in the bedroom," Hung told CBC News.

Hung helped mentor Dr. Steven Shafer, who was an expert witness for the prosecution by taking part in videos for the jury to see.

"He asked me 'Would you be interested to help me make some videos?' and I said 'What kind of videos?'. He said teaching videos to show people what we actually do in the operating room," he said.

Hung asked his videographer son David to shoot the videos.

"It was a very long, hard process, but it was definitely exciting," David Hung said.

Hung starred as the anesthetist and his other son Chris was also part of the team.

The videos were played in the courtroom to show the jury what's done to prepare the patient, the drugs, the operating room, the machinery, and "how we trouble shoot in the event some adverse event happen such as aspiration, cardiac arrest, stop breathing or low blood pressure," Hung said.

Propofol is used appropriately every day in operating rooms, but can stop someone's breathing in seconds if the patient is given too high a dose.

Hung said it's not the drug itself that killed Jackson, but the way doctor used it.

"He didn't know what to do, he didn't do the good CPR, didn't call promptly 911, and that led to Michael Jackson's demise."

Hung's son was proud of the work they did.
Dr. Orlando Hung participated in videos used during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial. (CBC)

"Obviously I would like to think that it had an impact but knowing what Conrad Murray had done, that was enough for the jury to make their decision, this video maybe helped," David Hung said.

Hung said he is pleased about the verdict.

"I think the public should know a physician, a good physician doesn't do that, an anesthesiologist won't do that."

Hung and his sons produced the videos for free to help the case.