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All eyes on Trump protest bra designed by Canadian

Amie Cunningham expects about 40 customers will gather together Saturday in Washington, put on their 'Eye See You' bras and take to the streets.

40 'Eye See You' bras expected to be worn at Women's March in Washington on Saturday

Amie Cunningham designs and hand prints feminine apparel at her shop in Halifax. About 40 'Eye See You' bras will be worn at Saturday's march. 0:56

A Halifax designer has fashioned a bra with the president-elect of the United States in mind.

Amie Cunningham designs and hand prints feminine apparel at her shop in the north end of Halifax.

Not long ago, the mother of three was contacted by fellow designer and Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones.

"She asked me to design a bra, specifically to be worn at the Women's March on Washington," Cunningham said.

Protest bra

Something provocative. Feminine. Something to make people feel a bit uncomfortable: a protest bra.

This one is designed to be worn over clothing, specifically turtlenecks.

Each cup bears the image of a large eyeball.

The bra is meant to be worn over a turtleneck during the Women's March in Washington. (Pat Callaghan/CBC)

Cunningham tries to imagine the reaction it'll get on Saturday.  

"I'm looking at you and I'm important. And you're looking at me. And you're looking at my breasts. And you know that I'm a woman. And here I am. I'm marching, I'm important and strong."

American connections

Cunningham and her team of three at Thief and Bandit on West Street cut, screen printed and sewed 100 bras to be sold online.

She expects about 40 customers will gather Saturday in Washington, put on their "Eye See You" bras and take to the streets.

"And I can see us sort of flashing the camera so to speak," she said.

Cunningham said she is looking forward to the reaction the bras will get Saturday. (Pat Callaghan/CBC)

Cunningham lived in the U.S. for many years. She met her husband in New York and they eventually moved to Richmond, Va.

She moved back to Canada recently and settled in Nova Scotia to raise her three sons.

'It's just devastating'

The day after the American election, she said her designer friends in the U.S. started emailing, wondering how they could join her in Canada.

"The way they're feeling now, and the sentiments they've expressed, it's just devastating, really," she said.

As for the president-elect himself, "words cannot express how I feel about Donald Trump," Cunningham said.

Money made from the sales of the bra will go to Planned Parenthood Action. (Pat Callaghan/CBC)

Cunningham said she believes it's important now, more than ever, for women to be seen and heard.

"The support for the project, it's called Good Support," she said. "Women are really lifting each other up."

The money made from the sales of the bra will go to the Planned Parenthood Action.

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