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Halifax cyclist gets last laugh after being hit with Silly String

Two young women shot Silly String out of an SUV at a passing cyclist, and ended up with some hefty fines.

The driver and passenger were fined a total of $600 for the incident

Jesse Williams has had problems in the past with aggressive drivers. (Submitted by Jesse Williams)

When two young women shot Silly String out of an SUV at a passing cyclist, the result was anything but silly, as they found out when they got some hefty fines this week.

The original incident happened about a month ago when Jesse Williams was riding his bicycle inbound on Purcells Cove Road.

The vehicle pulled up beside him, one young woman stuck her arm out the window and shot the aerosol out the window at him, covering his face and body, Williams said.

'Scary and dangerous'

The plastic string interfered with his vision and Williams said it was startling to have the loud noise of the aerosol go off an arm's length from his head.

"It was scary and dangerous," said Williams. "When I'm going down a hill, I'm going at about 45 km an hour. I could have easily gone off the road."

Even with his face and body covered in silly string, Williams was able to get the licence plate number of the vehicle before he pulled off the road.

A woman who watched the whole event from her car told him she was willing to tell police what she'd seen. 

Williams said he rides Purcells Cove Road road often, because it's the safest way to get out of the city core on a bicycle, but passing motorists often hurl abuses out the window at him, he said.

He said some drivers swerve in front of him intentionally or try to crowd him off the road.

"I've called the police before and nothing has happened, but this time I think the combination of having the licence plate and a witness and the physical evidence of the string was enough for them to act," he said.

This time the police tracked down the two young women.

"They more or less admitted what they did," said Williams. "They said they didn't think there was any string left in the can."

Hit with fines

The passenger got a $450 ticket for littering, police confirmed.

The driver was fined $150 for failing to yield, and had two points assigned to her licence, police confirmed.


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