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Halifax candidates speak out against sign vandalism

Dozens of Conservative, Liberal and NDP election signs stolen or destroyed in Halifax.

Dozens of election signs have been damaged or have disappeared

Irvine Carvery says 15 of his signs have been vandalized or stolen. (Irvine Carvery)

It's an expensive part of every election campaign: signs are removed or vandalized. 

For Halifax Conservative candidate Irvine Carvery, the damage almost started immediately after he started putting signs up. So far, 15 of his signs have disappeared or have been damaged.

Carvery says it costs $5 to replace smaller lawn signs and $7.50 to replace larger ones. 

"If they don't agree with our party's position, if they don't agree with our political stance, that's fine. Show your dissatisfaction at the ballot box, but please leave my signs alone," said Carvery.

"I'm running [on] a shoe string budget for this election campaign."

Andy Fillmore says homeowners find it unsettling when lawn signs are destroyed on their property (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Carvery is not alone. Andy Fillmore, Halifax's Liberal candidate, says the same is happening to his campaign. One damaged sign had the words "Don't vote" above his name.

"Homeowners find it quite unsettling. It makes them feel, I think, vulnerable and perhaps less willing to participate in the democratic process," said Fillmore. 

"People feel unsafe when their yard is being invaded and things are being damaged on it."

Megan Leslie's campaign team says vandals should think about the volunteer effort that go into putting election signs up (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Halifax NDP candidate Megan Leslie's team says it happens every election. Paulette Sadoway is responsible for distributing her signs around the city and says more than 100 Megan Leslie signs have been stolen or destroyed. She has a message for vandals. 

"Come in and volunteer to put up a bunch of signs and then you'll appreciate what it's like to be on the other side of doing that work," said Sadoway.

Thomas Trappenberg says his signs are OK. (Anjuli Patil/CBC)

Halifax Green candidate Thomas Trappenberg says his election signs are still up and damage-free.

Tampering with elections signs is illegal and offenders could face mischief charges if caught.


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