Nova Scotia

Halifax banning grass clippings from green bins from Aug. 1

Halifax will stop taking grass cuttings next month and is urging residents to discover "grasscycling" instead.

City says leavings clippings on your lawn saves time and helps feed your soil

Halifax won't take grass clippings in the green bin as of Aug. 1. (CBC)

Halifax will stop taking grass cuttings next month and is urging residents to discover "grasscycling" instead.

Jennifer Stairs, a spokesperson for the Halifax Regional Municipality, said grass can't go in the green bin as of Aug. 1.

"So grasscycling means leaving your grass clippings on the lawn and it helps to return nutrients to the soil," she said.

Other tips are posted to the city's website.

Some councillors have already heard from residents worried about clumps of dead grass sitting on their lawn.

Stairs says there are ways to avoid the clumps.

"If you do mow more regularly it will help. If you raise your blade it'll help make your clippings a bit shorter and they'll absorb more quickly into the ground," she said.

Mowing twice also chops up the cut grass.

"You can spread it on your vegetable or flower gardens. It helps to return the nutrients to the plants there," Stairs said. 


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