Nova Scotia

Guilty plea in torture, abduction of boy

A second man has pleaded guilty in the case of a teenage boy who was held in a shed and tortured last year.

Teenager escaped shed in East Chezzetcook in November

A second man has pleaded guilty in the case of a teenage boy who was held in a shed and tortured last year.

Robin Grant Myers, 21, pleaded guilty Thursday to unlawful confinement and aggravated assault.

Last November, the boy was snatched from a trail in Porters Lake, east of Halifax, and taken to a property in East Chezzetcook.

The 16-year-old told police he was beaten and burned with cigarettes and lighters. He managed to free himself and escape 15 hours later.

Myers was one of five people charged. He changed his plea on Thursday.

"In terms of exactly how he is feeling, I can't get into it," said Myers' lawyer, Trevor McGuigan.

"He's entered guilty pleas so he's obviously acknowledging and accepting responsibility for some involvement in what occurred."

McGuigan said the details of his client's role in the abduction will come out when he's sentenced on June 19.

Abduction not random

The victim is well known to the justice system. By 2009, he had racked up 27 criminal charges, including robbery, arson and driving without a licence.

The province wanted to send him to a special treatment facility in Utah. He ended up at an institution in Ontario, until his family lobbied successfully to bring him back to Nova Scotia.

Police said the boy's abduction was not random.

The court was told that the boy was kidnapped as payback for allegedly stealing a car belonging to a relative of one of the accused.

Scott Michael Murphy, 18, recently pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and kidnapping. He was sentenced to more than six years in prison.

Barry William Brugger, 21, is set to go to trial in June.

Two minors were also charged.