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New bakery in Glace Bay a 'positive step' for downtown

Terry MacLeod opened the Sweet Side of the Moon Bakery and Cafe last week in a former police station and he says he's had a lot of foot traffic.

Sweet Side of the Moon Bakery and Cafe opened last week in a former police station on McKeen Street

Terry MacLeod is the co-owner of the bakery and he said since it opened last week, there has been a lot of people coming by to check it out. (George Mortimer/CBC)

A new bakery on McKeen Street in downtown Glace Bay is yet another sign of the revitalization of the business core, according to the local development association.

Terry MacLeod opened the Sweet Side of the Moon Bakery and Cafe last week in a former police station and he says he's had a lot of foot traffic.

"I'll tell you the support we've been getting from locals has been phenomenal. Basically, we're selling out of our product before end of day," MacLeod said.

'A positive step'

MacLeod's business is just one of a number of new businesses that have popped up in the area.

Cecil Saccary, the chair of the Glace Bay Downtown Development Association, said it's an excellent addition.

"It's a positive step in the right direction," said Saccary. "If you look back a few years ago when there was very few business startups and see now that all these little shops are opening up, it's all good."

Sweet Side of the Moon sells homemade donuts. (George Mortimer/CBC)

Having more businesses opening downtown will encourage more people to spend time in the area, Saccary said.

"It means that Glace Bay has another nice different shop. It's something that we don't have and that we really appreciate having."

Supporting local businesses

Mike Kelloway, chair of the Bay It Forward revitalization group which is also encouraging new business start ups downtown, agrees.

"It means that people in Glace Bay are looking for services, products that serve the needs of the local community, and there's a desire to re-invest back into the community. That's exciting to see."

The Sweet Side of the Moon bakery and cafe is located on McKeen Street in downtown Glace Bay, N.S. (George Mortimer/CBC)

Jessica Binder stopped by the bakery Wednesday. She said it's great to hear about a new business in town .

"I heard a little bit about it but I wanted to try it myself. I like how the donuts are homemade," she said "Local businesses, we have to support them you know."

Offering help

MacLeod said the reason he decided to open his shop on McKeen Street was because it's on one of the busiest thoroughfares in town as it's next to a Tim Hortons. He said it's good to be a part of revitalization efforts for Glace Bay.

The bakery hired seven people including Meaghan Cann from Reserve Mines. (George Mortimer/CBC)

"I'm a home boy, born and raised in Glace Bay. My roots are here, most of my family is here. Being part of this revitalization is near to my heart," MacLeod said.

"I hope I can offer support in the way of guidance to any young entrepreneurs who are willing to throw their hat into the ring."


George Mortimer is a longtime reporter in Cape Breton.