Nova Scotia

Gas prices in Nova Scotia take another leap

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board invoked the interrupter clause, allowing for a jump in fuel prices for the second day in a row.

Price rose by nearly 9 cents after interrupter clause invoked

The minimum price for self-serve gas in Halifax was 175.3 on Saturday morning. (Simon Smith/CBC)

The price of gasoline has surged in Nova Scotia for the second day in a row.

The price at the pumps rose by nine cents at midnight. That increase came a day after a 10-cent hike.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board invoked its interrupter clause Friday, foreshadowing a change in fuel prices at midnight.

The minimum price of regular self-serve gas per litre now ranges from 175.3 cents in the Halifax area to 177.2 cents in Cape Breton. The minimum price of diesel per litre ranges from 190.1 cents in the Halifax area to a minimum of 191.3 in Cape Breton.

"It's crazy. You won't be able to go anywhere," Halifax resident Michelle Hardy said Friday while filling up her vehicle. She compared the effects of rising fuel prices to the public health restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

"It's going to be the exact same thing," she said. "You're going to be locked down. Either that or you're going to have to walk or take the bus."

Gas prices in Halifax hit $1.66 per litre on Thursday, and are expected to rise again at midnight. (

'If you want to drive, you pay'

Gabriele Gentile said the higher prices likely won't change his driving habits as he filled up his pickup truck with diesel Friday.

"It is what it is," he said, adding that he anticipates the price of gas will be $2 by next week.

Gentile thinks more people may start carpooling as a result of the higher prices. "If you want to drive, you pay," he said.

The cost to fill a tank of gas in Nova Scotia has been hitting record highs as Russia's invasion of Ukraine puts more pressure on oil prices.

Earlier this week, the U.S. and its allies agreed to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves in an attempt to rein in price increases.

Gas prices in Nova Scotia expected to jump again at midnight

9 months ago
Duration 2:55
The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board is invoking the interrupter clause, making an increase of at least 6 cents likely at midnight.

With files from Jack Julian

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