Icy road 'like a looking glass' causes fuel truck to flip in Annapolis Valley

The truck crashed Tuesday morning on a back road near Middleton, N.S. It is now resting near the banks of the Black River. No fuel has leaked, according to the local fire department.

Truck crashed on back road near Middleton, N.S.; no fuel has leaked, according to fire department

Firefighters at the scene of a fuel truck crash near the Black River in the Annapolis Valley. (Submitted by Philip Cole)

An icy road in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley proved to be too much for a loaded fuel truck that crashed Tuesday morning near Middleton.

"It's off the road and it's upside down," said Mark Veinotte, the deputy fire chief with the Nictaux and District Volunteer Fire Department. "It's got diesel and furnace oil on it, and the only good thing about it is it's not leaking."

The truck is resting near the banks of the Black River.

Veinotte said the driver of the truck was not injured and police were notified of the accident right away. The Department of Environment was also notified.

Veinotte said the truck was travelling on a dirt road and was about to make a delivery to a nearby construction and demolition disposal site.

"The road was just like a looking glass and the guy didn't realize it because it's a dirt road and it didn't look like it was slippery," said Veinotte. "But when he started to go up the hill, he got a different surprise."

The fuel truck flipped over. (Submitted by Philip Cole)

Veinotte didn't say how many litres of fuel were on board the truck but did confirm it had a full load.

"Right now they're just waiting for a pumper truck to arrive," he said. "They will have to pump everything out of it before they can try and move it."