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Frankie MacDonald's bobblehead going on display in U.S. hall of fame

A popular amateur weatherman in Nova Scotia has a new special edition bobblehead that will soon be on display in the Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Wisconsin.

'It's just fun to see his take on the weather,' says head of Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum

A special edition of the Frankie MacDonald bobblehead is going on display in a bobblehead museum in Wisconsin. (Submitted by Frankie MacDonald)

A popular Sydney, N.S., amateur weatherman will soon have his own bobblehead on display in the United States.

Frankie MacDonald's latest special edition bobblehead was just released, and the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Wisconsin wants one.

"It's just fun to see his take on the weather, and he puts a fun spin on it and puts a smile on your face," says museum CEO Phil Sklar.

Nova Scotia's favourite amateur weatherman, Frankie MacDonald, made international headlines in 2015, with his unique forecast delivery and signature catchphrase: 'Be prepared.' (CBC)

"That's what it seems like he's all about and likes having fun, and it's been great to see."

MacDonald is a well-known face in Nova Scotia, thanks to his famous forecasts and signature stormy weather catchphrase "Be prepared." A limited edition bobblehead in the likeness of the affable forecaster was first released late last year.

MacDonald familiar face in Wisconsin

MacDonald's face is also fairly well known in Milwaukee, where the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum is based.

"I say at least a couple dozen customers or people [were] inquiring about it over just this week," said Sklar.

"I do a lot of weather reports for Wisconsin, especially with a big blizzard headed their way during the winter months," said MacDonald, who said he's excited his bobblehead is going international.

Special-edition Frankie MacDonald bobbleheads were first created last year. (Bobbleheads Canada)

MacDonald's figurine will be in the museum along with other famous Canadian bobbleheads, including Rob Ford, the late Toronto mayor and councillor.

A total of about 6,000 bobbleheads are on display in the museum, which for now is based in the hall of fame's head office until a permanent exhibit space is secured.

The museum will be selling MacDonald bobbleheads on its website, Sklar said. 

They'll also be available in some retail stores in Nova Scotia, although the new edition bobbleheads haven't hit store shelves and don't have a retail price listed yet. Previous versions cost $24.99.

MacDonald, who has autism, is sharing the proceeds made from bobblehead sales with Autism Canada, a charity he has supported in the past.

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