Nova Scotia

Frank Magazine guts newsroom

Four of Frank Magazine's full-time reporters have either quit or been fired since Monday.

Four of Frank Magazine's full-time reporters have either quit or been fired since Monday.

Andrew Douglas, the magazine's managing editor, gave little explanation about what happened.

"Take your pick: a human resources matter, a personnel matter. I'm not going to get into talking about that sort of stuff with the media," Douglas said Tuesday.

"What I will say is that we are putting out a magazine a week from today — this Tuesday. On schedule, on time."

Reporter Mairin Prentiss told CBC News she was the first to be fired on Monday after questioning a column on sexism written under the byline Eddie Cornwallis.

After that, Dan Walsh — a senior reporter at the magazine — resigned.

That triggered events that cost reporters Neal Ozano and Jacob Boon their jobs.

"I was a little bit stressed out yesterday after some of the first people left and so we decided to leave for the day," Ozano said Tuesday.

"We came back this morning and we were turned around at the door."

Cape Breton businessman Parker Rudderham bought and expanded the 25-year-old tabloid magazine last fall.

Frank Magazine, which publishes biweekly, also launched its paywall website on Tuesday.