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1 man dead, RCMP officer seriously injured after incident in Truro

One man is dead after being shot by an RCMP officer in Truro, N.S., early Saturday morning, and an officer is in hospital with serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle driven by the man.

How baleen from necropsied right whales can help the endangered species

Researchers are studying baleen to learn about the whale's feeding habits, reproductive success and stress levels.

Fairview tenants stay put despite 'illegal' eviction effort

Some tenants of a Halifax apartment building are standing their ground even as their landlord tries to evict them to renovate the 30-unit building, including work he says cannot be done while units are occupied.

Woman upset after being 'humiliated and shamed' at Dartmouth campground

Shubie Campground refused to honour Lee Cripps's booking because she didn't have a credit card in her name to pay for it.

Fairview residents struggle to find affordable housing as 'renoviction' looms

All residents in the 30-unit building must leave the premises by Saturday, as the new owner plans major renovations.

Water utility asks UARB for permission to abandon line to 3 households

The Tatamagouche Water Utility says a line that serves three households is a contamination risk to the water system.

C.B. residents call for roadside warnings or closures during high winds

Area between Chéticamp and Margaree Harbour can see Les Suetes winds of up to 200 km/h.

Halliburton explosives assembly plan thwarted by municipal committee

The West Hants planning committee voted down an application by oil and gas giant Halliburton to rezone land in Walton, N.S., citing safety and transparency concerns.

Ottawa rejects proposal for Inverness airport, says more details needed

Federal Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan says a proposal to build an airport in Inverness, N.S., did not contain enough information to demonstrate how the airport would benefit the area.

AFN execs propose suspension of Morley Googoo after discrimination allegations

Morley Googoo, the Assembly of First Nations regional chief for Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, is accused of bullying, harassing and discriminating against a former leader of the Nova Scotia Native Women's Association.

How climate change is taught in Canadian high schools — and how it can improve

A new study says there's room for improvement in teaching about climate change at Canadian high schools, particularly about solutions, impact and scientific consensus.

This food kiosk at the Halifax airport relies on customer honesty to pay

The Mabata Honesty Shop has no staff — just a mailbox for cash and a card reader for payment.

Overdose prevention site approved in Halifax amid neighbourhood concerns

An overdose prevention site, located in the basement of Direction 180 on Gottingen Street in Halifax, will allow substance users to safely consume drugs.

Why Halifax is cataloguing up to 30,000 trees on the peninsula

The Halifax Regional Municipality is planning to create an inventory of almost every tree on municipal property in peninsular Halifax.

Letter dropped over N.S. on historic 1919 airship flight unearthed

The letter was discovered in Selma, N.S., four months after the first east-to-west transatlantic flight passed over Nova Scotia.