Nova Scotia

Former Nova Scotia Parliamentarian Robert Muir dies at 91

Former Nova Scotia MP and Senator Robert Muir died Wednesday at the age of 91.

Former Nova Scotia Parliamentarian Robert Muir died Wednesday at the age of 91.

Muir devoted half a century to public life, first serving on municipal council and as chairman of the Miners' Hospital in Cape Breton.

Muir was first elected as the Progressive Conservative MP for Cape Breton North and Victoria in 1957. His electoral district later became Cape Breton —The Sydneys, which he represented from 1968 to 1979.

Liberal Russell MacLellan ran unsuccessfully against Muir in 1974.

In 1979, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau appointed Muir to the Senate where he continued to serve the people of Cape Breton until 1994.

"Bob Muir was the quintessential constituency politician who truly cared about the people who elected him," said Conservative party leader Jamie Baillie in a news release.

"He was also a generous mentor to many Progressive Conservatives, and others, who turned to him for advice and guidance. He will be missed."

MacLellan was one of the politicians who looked up to Muir.

"I learned about how to represent my constituents when I became a member of parliament because to a great extent, I followed his example," said MacLellan. "It's the people that matter … I learned that from Bob Muir."

MacLellan succeeded Muir as MP for Cape Breton-The Sydneys after Muir was appointed to the Senate.

"Bob is a presence that you always think is going to be there.  He was a very decent man. He was a very good member of parliament and we became quite good friends," said MacLellan.

Muir served under John Diefenbaker and Joe Clark.