Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia firefighters to help battle Manitoba forest fires

Nova Scotia is sending 20 specially trained firefighters to help battle forest fires near the Manitoba, Ontario border.

Two large fires burning near Manitoba, Ontario border

Smoke from a forest fire northeast of Caddy Lake, Man., can be seen billowing up off in the distance. (Heather Johnson)

Twenty firefighters from Nova Scotia will fly to Manitoba on Friday to help battle forest fires burning.

The forest fire threat across Nova Scotia ranges from low to moderate in most areas, allowing the provincial government to spare them.

Nova Scotia Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines.

 "We've had some co-operative weather," said Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines. "I never used to like rain till I got this job. But at this point in time we're in fairly good shape. We're very conscious that, that can change within 48 hours."

There are two large forest fires. One in Beresford Lake and one in Caddy Lake. The 20 from Nova Scotia will be dispatched to Beresford.

On Tuesday, the fire at Beresford Lake was 56,000 hectares, and the one just northeast of Caddy Lake was more than 5,000 hectares.

The plan is to have the firefighters on loan for about two weeks.