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Trio floats idea of building homes on Nova Scotia waters

Dartmouth business partners Lynn and Scott Brogan, along Igor Yushchenko, have built a micro home on a floating dock along Lake Micmac.

'If it works on the West Coast, why shouldn't it work on the East Coast?'

Building permits were not required to build this colourful micro home that floats on Lake Micmac in Dartmouth. (Pam Berman/CBC)

Three business partners in Dartmouth want to bring the concept of floating houses to Nova Scotia. 

Lynn and Scott Brogan, along with Igor Yushchenko, have built a micro home on a floating dock along Lake Micmac in Dartmouth to test out the idea. 

"If it works on the West Coast, why shouldn't it work on the East Coast?" asks Yushchenko.

The compact building includes a bedroom with sliding doors for privacy, a bathroom, galley kitchen and living area.

Igor Yushchenko sits inside the tiny home, which features a bathroom, kitchen, living space and bedroom, plus two decks. (Pam Berman/CBC)

A  Sea-Doo is tied up to the wrap-around deck, and there's a second deck on the roof.

The house, which was winter tested at a property on Grand Lake, made headlines a few months ago when it ran aground in the area after a storm and had to be retrieved.

The micro home does not yet have power or water, but it could get services from an adjacent onshore lot.

No building permits were needed for the floating dock or the living area constructed on top of it.

"I think what's important is you ensure that all the processes are environmentally friendly," Brogan said.

"This may be new to this area but it is not a new concept across the world."

The floating home has had a number of curious visitors this summer. (Pam Berman/CBC)

Yushchenko thinks there may be a lot of places in Nova Scotia where a floating house would be suitable.

"There are many lots that have access to water but where development is not allowed," he said. 

According to Brogan, boaters have been coming by the dock to take a peek inside the micro home and to ask questions. 

As for what happens during the winter months, she said an aerator can be put under the floating dock to keep the water from freezing. 

Floating houses are also popular as summer homes in the Muskoka area of Ontario. 

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