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Five municipal byelections coming up in Nova Scotia

Five municipalities in Nova Scotia will soon have to hold byelections, including Yarmouth, Chester, Clare, and Colchester.

Byelections needed following vacancies, provincial election wins

Three people are running for a seat on Yarmouth's town council, filling a space left by longtime Coun. Jim MacLeod. (Robert Short/CBC)

Five municipalities in Nova Scotia have to hold byelections in 2021.

One is already underway in the Town of Yarmouth to replace longtime councillor Jim MacLeod, who died in June.

Nominations closed on Tuesday and three people have decided to run: Don Berry, Timothy Clayton and Belle Hatfield.

Both Berry and Clayton ran unsuccessfully for town council in 2020.

Yarmouth's byelection will be held on Sept. 18, two days before the federal election takes place.

New MLAs leave seats behind

Four other municipalities will have to schedule byelections because of the results of this month's provincial election.

Danielle Barkhouse was a councillor for the Municipality of Chester, but was elected as a Progressive Conservative MLA in the riding for Chester-St. Margaret's.

Ronnie LeBlanc, who has been the warden of the Municipality of Clare since 2012, is now the Liberal MLA for the riding of Clare.

Tom Taggart has been a councillor in Colchester County, but recently ran and was elected as a PC MLA in the riding of Colchester North. A council resignation letter is on the agenda of the county council meeting on Thursday.

John MacDonald, a councillor and deputy warden in the Municipality of East Hants, was elected as a PC in the riding of Hants East.

Byelections have to take place 11 weeks after the vacancy is first discussed by the municipal council.


  • An earlier version of this story said there were four municipalities that will have to hold byelections in 2021. In fact, there are five.
    Aug 26, 2021 10:41 AM AT


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