Nova Scotia

Firefighter injured at Fairview blaze

A firefighter who fell off a ladder while battling a fire at 60 Convoy Ave. has been taken to hospital.

Fire investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze

A firefighter has been taken to hospital after falling more than three metres from a ladder. (Steve Lawrence/CBC)

A firefighter who fell off a ladder while battling a fire at 60 Convoy Ave. Monday afternoon was taken to hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The fire was extinguished late Monday evening.

Fire investigators remained on scene investigating the cause of the blaze.

The CBC's Bob Murphy reported a firefighter fell more than three metres off a ladder from the home's second storey

Dave Meldrum, of the Halifax regional fire service, said he spoke to that firefighter.

"We have had one firefighter fall from a ground ladder a short distance to the ground. I've spoken to that firefighter, he's conscious and alert and has been transported by Emergency Health Services," he said.

Meldrum said he could not confirm the extent of the man's injuries.

Meldrum said firefighters were called to a fire at a single family home in Fairview  around 2 p.m.

Flames were seen coming from the roof of a house on Convoy Avenue. (Steve Lawrence/CBC)

"On arrival our firefighters did encounter a fire on the back deck, extending up into the attic spaces of this house. The good news today is that there are no civilian injuries reported," he said.

Medrum said the house had been renovated and firefighters were having a hard time trying to cut through layer upon layer of construction material.

"This is a very stubborn fire," he said. "Our firefighters are still working right now because the fire is in the attic and it is very, very hard to get at. There is several layers of construction material that are making it hard for us to get up in there and get water on this fire."

Meldrum said six fire trucks and about 20 to 30 firefighters were on scene.

Meldrum said he expected firefighters to remain on scene for "several more hours."

"It's still very challenging at this stage," he said, "There's a lot of fire in that attic and the nature of the way the home is constructed is making it very challenging."

Meldrum told CBC News other homes in the area were not at risk.