Nova Scotia

Fire destroys historic Bridgewater inn

The historic Fairview Inn on Queen Street in Bridgewater, N.S., was destroyed by a fire Saturday afternoon.
The historic Fairview Inn in Bridgewater caught fire Saturday afternoon. ((John McCarthy))
The historic Fairview Inn on Queen Street in Bridgewater, N.S., was destroyed by a fire Saturday afternoon.

"There are flames coming out the front of the building," Mabel Jane Naugler, who lives two doors down from the building, told CBC News on Saturday. "It looks full engulfed to me, and probably finished."

The three-storey building was constructed in 1916 after a fire destroyed the original hotel.

The property has had hotels on it for more than 100 years.

The Fairview Inn is one of the oldest continuing businesses in Bridgewater and has played an integral role in the economic development of the town, according to the Town of Bridgewater website.

Naugler said she didn't hear if anyone was staying in the inn at the time.

"There's fire trucks all over the street, and the police have cordoned off the end of the street," Naugler added.

Neighbour Tom Comeau said he's attended weddings and even had his father's 90th birthday party there.
The inn was built in 1916. ((Tom Comeau))

His father pointed out the fire to him.

"All I saw was flames, so I grabbed my camera and out the door I went," Comeau said. "It was just flames coming out of the big windows in the front. It was an old building, it was dry and it's gone."

There was no word on injuries.

Witnesses said the fire started at about 5 p.m.