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Fiona's fury: A look at what the powerful storm did to Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia continues to assess and repair the considerable damage caused by post-tropical storm Fiona.

Storm left widespread damage in its path

An SUV rests at the bottom of a section of road that was washed out in Richmond County, N.S., in a handout photo released Monday. (Communications Nova Scotia/The Canadian Press)

As dawn broke on Saturday, Nova Scotians could see the damage post-tropical storm Fiona left behind. These photographs are a sample of that.

Ian and Cathy Scott look at the damage to their family cottage near Marshville, N.S. (Shaina Luck/CBC)
Storm surge moved Ian and Cathy Scott's cottage off its foundation and back more than 15 metres. (Shaina Luck/CBC)
Joshawa Tyler LaVoie captured this striking image of downed power lines and poles on Woodlawn Road in Dartmouth. (Submitted by Joshawa Tyler LaVoie)
The walls and roof of a car wash are blown off their foundation, leaving behind a pile of rubble.
The roof of a car wash in Glace Bay blew off during the storm. (Tom Ayers/CBC)
Beachfront buildings on Generation Lane in Marshville show the storm's fury. (Kathy Little)
A tree uprooted by Fiona lies across a pathway in a residential area of south-end Halifax on Saturday. (Submitted by Mary Ellen Doolittle)
Trees uprooted on a residential street in Sydney, N.S. (Kayla Hounsell/CBC)
A tree uprooted by Fiona's winds rests on a house in Halifax. (Mark Crosby/CBC)
A dog walks amidst a collapsed brick facade from an apartment building that spilled into a residential backyard in Halifax following post-tropical storm Fiona on Saturday. (Darren Calabrese/The Canadian Press)
Marshall Hawkins snapped this pic of his young children in front of an uprooted tree on Breeze Drive in Dartmouth. (Marshall Hawkins)
Fallen trees block a street and take down power lines in Sydney, N.S., on Saturday. (Vaughan Merchant/The Canadian Press)
Lisa Ladouceur caught this shot of an awning that has fallen off a convenience store at the corner of Kennedy Drive and Caledonia Road in Dartmouth. (Lisa Ladouceur)
People line up for gas at a Sydney gas station on Sunday. (Kayla Hounsell/CBC)
South-end Halifax crews assess damage and repair power lines on Sunday. (Craig Paisley/CBC)
Waves and sea spray can be seen with a line of houses in the distance.
Waves pound the shore in Eastern Passage, N.S., on Saturday. Post-tropical storm Fiona hit Nova Scotia in the early hours, knocking out power and disrupting travel across the region. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)
Fallen trees lean against a house in Sydney, N.S., on Sunday. (Vaughan Merchant/The Canadian Press)
Power lines were knocked down in Sydney. (Paul Legere/CBC)
A tree fell on a house in Sydney. (Paul Legere/CBC)
Power lines fell on a car in Sydney. (Paul Legere/CBC)

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