Nova Scotia

Final piece of crane that toppled during Dorian removed

The final piece of the crane that was lying on the top storey of the Olympus building was removed Saturday, according to Nova Scotia's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

General cleanup of site could take a few more days

The last big piece was lowered to the ground from the top storey of the Olympus building on Saturday. (Communications Nova Scotia)

The final piece of a crane that toppled onto a building under construction in downtown Halifax during last month's post-tropical storm was removed on Saturday.

But Nova Scotia's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal said it will take a few more days to clear debris from the site.

"The work has required many long hours and painstaking planning, and there is still more to do. It is dangerous work," Lloyd Hines, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said in a news release.

"I want to thank the crews for their expertise and all the work they have done to get this crane down safely."

In this image, workers ensure rigging is secure prior to the lift. (Communications Nova Scotia)

The crane toppled on to the Olympus building during Dorian, a powerful storm that moved through Nova Scotia on Sept. 7.

Once the building assessment is complete, more information on next steps will be shared, the news release said.

The assessment will allow Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency to determine if more evacuation orders could be lifted.

Workers will next focus on dismantling and removing the heavy-lift cranes and cleaning up the site.

Around noon, the remaining piece of the crane was lowered off the Olympus building. (Communications Nova Scotia)