Nova Scotia

New Yarmouth ferry will get $32.7M over next 2 years from Nova Scotia

The CAT, a new high-speed ferry, will begin operating between Yarmouth and Portland, Maine in June.

Passenger ferry service between Yarmouth and Portland to begin June 15

The new ferry between Yarmouth and Portland was built in 2007 is being chartered from the United States Navy. (Bay Ferries Ltd.)

Bay Ferries Ltd. and the Nova Scotia government have announced a new high-speed ferry will resume service between Yarmouth and Portland, Maine.

The vessel, which will be named the CAT, was built in 2007 is being chartered from the United States Navy.

Here's a look at some numbers and facts about the resurrected CAT ferry:

  • $19.6 million: The amount the Nova Scotia government will spend over the next two years in operating fees for the new ferry ($10.2 million in the first year and $9.4 million in the second).
  • $4.1 million: Start-up costs, including terminal upgrades, to be covered by the Nova Scotia government.
  • $9 million: Money to be spent by the Nova Scotia government toward retrofit of ferry.
  • $32.7 million: Total amount to be spent by Nova Scotia government over the next two years to support the new ferry.
  • June 15 – Sept. 30: Projected operating season for 2016.
  • 8 a.m. AT: Yarmouth departure time.
  • 2:30 p.m. ET: Portland departure time.
  • 5.5 to 6: Estimated crossing time, in hours.
  • 185: The distance between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth in nautical miles. It's equal to 341 kilometres.
  • 10 years: Length of Bay Ferries contract with the province.
  • 866: Number of passengers the CAT can carry.
  • 282: Vehicle capacity for regular passenger vehicles. Or, 28 trucks and 65 cars.
  • 0: Commercial truck capacity. Motor coaches, however, will be permitted.
  • 800: Maximum dead weight in tonnes.
  • 315,000: Litres of fuel capacity.
  • 106.5: Length of vessel in metres (92.4 metres at the waterline).
  • Undetermined: Fares to ride the new CAT ferry. Officials say they will roughly equal those charged when the last CAT served the market in 2009, with discounted rates for certain circumstances. For example, in March 2009 the charge was $164 US for a car plus a $25 US fuel surcharge and $99 US per person.


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