Nova Scotia

New federal funding will create 43 affordable homes in Halifax

Federal government is spending $13 million to build units in Halifax for people with insecure housing.

Ottawa spending $13 million to build units for people with insecure housing

Ahmed Hussen, the federal minister of Families, Children and Social Development and the minister responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, speaks at an announcement at City Hall in Halifax on Wednesday morning. (Jean Laroche/CBC)

The federal government will spend $13 million to create 43 affordable homes in Halifax.

The money, part of the Rapid Housing Initiative, is aimed at supporting people who have insecure housing, including people living in shelters and those experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.

Federal Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen made the announcement at City Hall on Wednesday morning, along with Mayor Mike Savage and MP Andy Fillmore, who represents the riding of Halifax.

"Each and every Canadian deserves a safe and affordable place to call home," Hussen said.

"This funding will support the rapid creation of 43 new permanent affordable housing units in Halifax for people living in precarious housing situations, those experiencing homelessness and those Haligonians who are at risk of experiencing homelessness."

The funding is in addition to a previous federal expenditure of $8.7 million to help create 52 housing units in Halifax through the Rapid Housing Initiative.

Hussen said the pandemic highlighted the importance of safe and affordable housing for the most vulnerable.

Ottawa has spent over $700 million nationally to support organizations working with Canadians who are homeless and those who are at risk of experiencing homelessness, according to Hussen.

He said the 2021 budget will see a further $567 million spent nationally over the next two years to support those organizations. 

In addition to providing safe and affordable housing, the minister said the money will also help stimulate the economy and generate employment at a time when it is "needed the most."

We want to live in communities that are diverse, that are dynamic," Hussen said

"People like paramedics and teachers and firefighters and construction workers — we have to make sure those people are not priced out of the city."