Nova Scotia

Meet your mainland Nova Scotia election candidates

If you're having trouble deciding who to vote for, have a listen to these interviews.

CBC Mainstreet speaks with federal candidates about their platforms and best qualities

There are 11 federal ridings in Nova Scotia. (Elections Canada)

If voting feels like drawing straws, maybe this will help. 

The federal election on Oct. 19 is coming up quickly, and with it, the decision of who deserves your vote. 

CBC Mainstreet is reaching out to all candidates in mainland Nova Scotia. As the election approaches, three-minute interviews with each person will be posted below when completed.

Here's what candidates have said so far about their best qualities, their platforms and the biggest issue for their community:

  • South Shore-St. Margarets: the NDP's Alex Godbold, Liberal Bernadette Jordan, Conservative Richard Clark, Green Richard Biggar, independent Trevor Bruhn and Ryan Barry of the Communist Party 
  • Cumberland-Colchester: Conservative Scott Armstrong, Green Jason Blanch, Liberal Bill Casey, independent Ken Jackson, NDP Wendy Robinson and independent Richard Plett
  • Central Nova: Liberal Sean Fraser, Green David Hachey, Conservative Fred DeLorey, NDP Ross Landry and independent Alexander MacKenzie
  • West Nova: the NDP's Greg Foster, Green Clark Walton and Liberal Colin Fraser. Conservative Arnold LeBlanc did not do an interview despite several attempts to arrange one

Other ridings will be added as the election approaches.


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