Farmers milk and cream products recalled after exposure to cleaning product

Health Canada has recalled a number of Farmers, Natrel, and Northumberland brand milk and cream products due to a 'presence of sanitizer.'

Products sold in Atlantic provinces include milk, chocolate milk, buttermilk, coffee cream, and whipping cream

Several products are affected by the Farmers Dairy milk recall. (CBC)

Health Canada has recalled a number of Farmers, Natrel, and Northumberland brand milk and cream products after they were exposed to cleaning solution.

The products were sold in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador with expiry dates ranging from Jan. 30 to March 9.

The recall includes one per cent milk, two per cent milk, chocolate milk, homogenized milk, coffee cream, buttermilk and whipping cream.

The recall comes less than two weeks after the company, Quebec-based Agropur Cooperative, voluntarily pulled its Farmer's brand milk from shelves following customer complaints about a chemical taste.  

"We found that some residual cleaning solution remained in the tanker used to transport the milk," said Agropur vice-president Veronique Boileau in an interview Tuesday night.

Boileau could not say what the cleaning solution was made of.

"Although it has resulted in an off-taste product, it does not cause a health risk for consumers," she said. "Actions were immediately taken to prevent the re-occurrence of this incident."

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the recall is listed as "Class 3," meaning use of the product is of low or no risk.

Natasha Gauthier, a CFIA spokesperson, said she didn't know the specific type of sanitizer used, but it "would have to be a pre-approved food-grade cleaning agent" that wouldn't harm someone if they happened to ingest it. 

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