Nova Scotia

Family joins search for N.S. skydiver

Concern continues to grow over the fate of a Halifax man missing in Utah.

Concern continues to grow over the fate of a Halifax man missing in Utah.

David Brown, 37, has not been seen for more than a week.

Brown, a competitive skydiver, disappeared June 29 from his home in Moab, Utah. He had been teaching at a skydiving school in the small town.

He left his house with no belongings, no ID and no money. 

His sister Wendi Tekamp, who is also from Halifax, and Brown's uncle arrived in Moab two days ago to help with the search.

Tekamp said police have been very helpful. She said dog teams were searching the foothills near his home again Friday.

But she explained the heat is a big concern if Brown is out somewhere and injured in the desert.

"If you're out here in the heat and the sun for like a couple of days and you've fallen, you've broken your leg or something, it's not going to be a good situation," she told CBC News Friday.

"It just gives me even more concern that he's walked out literally with his shoes on his feet and his shirt on his back."

She said Brown's friends from the skydiving community have also arrived to help search, and two powered paragliders are expected from Phoenix, Ariz., to do aerial searches.

Tekamp said she and the uncle soon have to leave; they plan to fly out Saturday night.

But after talking to police and Brown's friends, she feels that everything possible is being done to find her brother.