Nova Scotia

Exit Metallica, enter cleaning crews

The cleanup is underway after Thursday's Metallica show on a soggy Citadel Hill.
Metallica fans welcome the band's return to Halifax after nearly 20 years. (CBC)

The cleanup is underway after the Metallica show on a soggy Citadel Hill Thursday night.

Thousands of fans endured the cold and rain for the rock band's return to Halifax for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Police told CBC News they estimate about 28,000 people attended Thursday night's concert.

Police said the Metallica crowd was fairly well-behaved — 24 people partied a bit too hard and spent the night in the drunk tank.

There were no criminal charges laid.

Capacity at the Garrison Ground is about 30,000.

On Friday, Parks Canada told CBC News they believe the concert was a success.

Although the final figures aren't yet in, it looks like Parks Canada will net about a $30,000 from the show.

"Metallica rocked the hill. Best concert ever," said fan Terrence MacDonald.

Doug MacAuley could hear the music from his home nearby. He decided to drop by the concert site later.

"It's loud, which is awesome," he said. "It was pretty crazy. I guess they're worth the money."

Hundreds of fans had already found their spot on the hill by noon Thursday.

Concert promoter Harold MacKay would not say how many tickets were sold, but said no tickets were given away.

In 2009, the Garrison Grounds were left a muddy mess after a night of heavy rain during the Virgin music festival.

MacKay said plywood planks were scattered around the site for the Metallica show to prevent similar damage.

Parks Canada said despite the rain, they believe damage to the grassy areas was minimal, however a spokesperson said they won't know for sure until they do a full assessment in a couple of days.

If there is damage, repair costs will be paid for by the promoter.