Contest Winners: East Coast Love Letters

Thanks to everyone who shared their odes to the East Coast!

Thanks to everyone who shared their odes to the East Coast!

Enter to win a "Port Cities & Ocean Towns" poster signed by local artist Bee Stanton (submitted).
This month, we asked everyone to send us valentines dedicated to the East Coast. The response was heartwarming! We loved every entry, and even commissioned custom art for the @CBC_EastCoast Instagram page using some of your beautiful words.

Congratulations to the four winners of our East Coast Love Letters contest. Read their letters below, and see all the entries on our dedicated East Coast Love Letters Tumblr.

Edith from Riverview, New Brunswick:

A pirate in a previous life. This can be the only reason for my love of the East Coast shores.⁣
Braving the early morning chill, to farewell the fishing fleet, stirs my angst of fickle seas!⁣ ⁣
Lighthouses on rocky shoals, draw me like a moth to flame. ⁣

On a cliff overlooking the heaving Atlantic swell, dark blues and greys in the skies ⁣
Wind tossing my hair, the sting of rain on my face. ⁣

Is it salt water coursing through my veins.⁣
Maybe, for I am part of the sea. Ever searching the eastern horizon for a glimpse of the Sun.

Evie from Prince Edward Island:

deep in the red dirt I will take root ⁣
then I'll stretch tall to the sky and the white and grey clouds⁣
next my leaves will grow and some day die. ⁣
oh, how I love you P.E.I.

Heather from Windsor Junction, Nova Scotia:

East Coast - I tried to leave you for Toronto⁣
But I had to come back⁣
I missed your salt air,⁣
your beaches and rivers,⁣
friendly people, my sense of home.⁣
Your $5 lobster, Ganong chocolates,⁣
salty dulse, even feelings of isolation.⁣
The cold winds of winter,⁣
the sound of birds' wings⁣
on the wind outside my well loved drafty old East Coast house⁣
The taste of King Cole Tea⁣
Why leave Toronto? People thought I was mad.⁣
There's entertainment and fun, work and⁣
diversity and opportunity.⁣
⁣But the East Coast had what⁣
T-o could never offer⁣
My ❤️

Wayne from Bonavista, Newfoundland:

Newfoundland is a special place.⁣
It is a mystical place where the sea meets the land, amid swirling tides;⁣
A place of shingle and sand beaches, of sea stacks and caves, and offshore breakers.⁣
It is a spiritual place where the greater universe⁣
Is felt, seen and heard in the crashing of waves along rugged shores;⁣
Where massive headlands loom dimly through early morning fog;⁣
Where coastal and inland barrens stretch quietly under a winter's moon.⁣
It is a place where our nature has been nurtured, by the land, the sea, and time;⁣
And where these elements are deeply imbedded,⁣ in the consciousness of all who live on her shores;⁣
Like the lands of our forebears, It is a place of singers, of storytellers, and yes,⁣
even of poets, who all sing and speak of who and what we are, of what we have become,⁣
out of out our history on this rock within the sea.⁣

It is a place that moves to the rhythm of the sea,⁣
And where the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean,⁣
are forever at our doorstep.⁣
It is a place where tides and winds battle constantly with rugged cliffs.⁣
It is a place of bays, bights, tickles, reaches and coves,⁣
It is a place of harbours, capes, and headlands.⁣
It is a place where people define their residency⁣
as belonging to, rather than living in;⁣
It is a place where folks are by nature,⁣
friendly, generous, and welcoming to all.⁣
It is where I belong,⁣
For I am a Newfoundlander.⁣
And I love where I live.

Contest Closed

The East Coast Love Letters contest closed at 11:59 p.m. on February 13, 2019. One winner from each Atlantic province was awarded a "Port Cities & Ocean Towns" poster signed by local artist Bee Stanton. For full contest rules, click here.