WATCH: CBC NS News supper hour team cook up a storm

CBC Nova Scotia's supper-hour news team took on a new challenge, cooking together.

The pros met the press at CBC's first ever black box cooking challenge at Devour! The Food Film Fest

Bob Blumer, event host and one of the judges in the challenge, with winning team, Tom Murphy and Shane Robillard from Fox Harb'r, and the trophy – the golden spatula. (Chantal Bernard/CBC)

It was a cooking showdown like none other and our teams certainly delivered as they cooked up some delicious plates of food in the first ever CBC black box cooking challenge: The pros meet the press. 

The hearty black box ingredients included a variety of mostly local items including: parsley, leeks, garlic, red and green kale, onions, local honey, oregano, beef tenderloin, haddock, bacon, butternut squash, tomato, apple, potato, hot peppers, goats milk cheese, French lentils, tomato paste and almonds. Teams also had a selection of pantry items at their disposal to choose from to make their dishes.

While each dish was delicious, it all came down to the finer details. Congratulations to Tom Murphy and Shane Robillard from Fox Harb'r for winning the golden spatula.

Watch to see how it all went down:

About the challenge:

Amy Smith, Tom Murphy and Ryan Snoddon are getting ready to take on a new challenge as they go head-to-head in a friendly food competition during Devour! The Food Film Fest. They will be joining three Nova Scotia chefs to create some delicious dishes in our first-ever CBC black box cooking challenge: The pros meet the press

Can Amy ace the cooking race? How will Tom tackle timing? Will Ryan reel under the pressure cooker? 

Teaming up with the supper-hour news trio are three experienced Nova Scotia culinary pros: 

  • Shane Robillard from Fox Harb'r Resort in Wallace
  • Amanda Bezanson from The Henley House in Sheet Harbour
  • Andy Hay from Andy's East Coast Kitchen in Dartmouth
Chefs Shane Robillard, Andy Hay and Amanda Bezanson will face off in this friendly food fight.

And judging this friendly face-off are:

  • Bob Blumer - culinary adventurer, author and TV personality
  • Michelle Doucette - food photographer and blogger
  • Jeff Cantwell - Mayor of Wolfville

CBC will bring you highlights from this showdown so stay tuned to CBC Nova Scotia News on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 6 p.m. as we go live from Devour! opening night.

If you're in Wolfville, please join us in person! 

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 24
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (doors open at 10:45 a.m.)
Location: Wolfville Farmers Market

What exactly is a black box cooking challenge?

In a black box cooking challenge, competitors are asked to cook a dish or meal using ingredients they only see for the first time after opening their "black box". The box will contain a variety of ingredients that can be paired up items from the staples pantry to create a delicious dish in the time frame set out for the challenge. The teams for the CBC black box cooking challenge will have 75 minutes to complete their dishes.