Nova Scotia

Escaped Dartmouth snake found after missing for 3 days

Richard Dares spent the last few days hot on the trail of his cold-blooded pet.

1.5-metre female boa constrictor named Dexter is very friendly, owner says

Richard Dares spent the last few days hot on the trail of his cold-blooded pet.

His 1.5-metre four-year-old female Dumeril's boa escaped from her enclosure in Dares's Highfield Park Drive apartment Thursday afternoon.

"I had put a fluorescent light fixture on the top, and it gave her about an inch on either side and she squeezed out," Dares said.

Finding the enclosure's lid askew and his second-storey window screen popped off, Dares feared Dexter had escaped.

"She could have been miles from here by now," Dares said.

If she was outside, Dexter would have given up a comfortable existence at home. Dares routinely feeds her frozen medium-sized rats and makes sure the snake is well-loved.

"I hold her at least two or three hours a day around my neck," he said. 

He said he searched in the grass outside his building Friday and Saturday, put up lost pet ads online and decided to contact police Sunday.

"We were scared that she might get hit by a car or get somebody's cat," Dares said. 

It turns out, the constrictor found herself in a tight squeeze. 

Dares explained that Sunday afternoon he checked under Dexter's enclosure and found she had wedged herself beneath it — she had never left the apartment, after all.

"We're extremely happy to have her back," he said.

Dares added he has reinforced Dexter's enclosure to prevent any rogue reptilian recidivism.

"Now the top I have on it is a piece of plywood and it fits perfectly in the hole," he said. "So it's impossible for her to ever move it again."


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