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Emma Smith is a journalist from B.C. who has covered rural issues and Indigenous communities. Before joining CBC Nova Scotia in 2017, she worked as the editor of a community newspaper. Have a story idea to send her way? Email emma.smith@cbc.ca

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Why Nova Scotia could be in the path of a future tsunami

Ninety years after the deadliest earthquake in Canadian history, researchers have found evidence that the East Coast is 10 times more vulnerable to large underwater disruptions than previously thought. 

How N.S. veterans are finding peace and purpose on the land

Tyson Bowen is working to transform his farm into an eco-adventure park for other veterans to find calm and camaraderie. He's among a group of veterans in Nova Scotia who are taking care of their mental health by tending the land. 

Why so many women feel unsafe when they run

Many women who run say safety is never far from their mind, a reality that's led some to carry makeshift weapons with them. It's a problem that was illuminated in a recent survey by Runner's World magazine, which found that 84 per cent of women respondents had been harassed while out for a run. 

Nova Scotia man's 8,000-record legacy finds new home

A Nova Scotian's massive collection of country music records is heading west to live out its days on a cattle ranch in central B.C. Amanda Jackson says she's found a buyer who will appreciate the vinyl collection the way her dad did.

Green Party's new interim leader focused on prepping for the next election

Jo-Ann Roberts of Halifax says she'll focus on preparing the party for the next federal election after Elizabeth May announced Monday that she's stepping down.

Mi'kmaw conservation group builds artificial reefs to give sea life a new home

This weekend, dozens of hollow concrete blocks that resemble a coral reef will be placed at the bottom of the Northumberland Strait off Nova Scotia to create habitat for struggling sea life.

N.S. mother hears her son's heartbeat a year after his death

Donna Nugent of Trenton, N.S., heard her son Michael's heart beating on Sunday in the chest of a 17-year-old transplant recipient. "The biggest part of my Michael was his heart," says Nugent.

Hey Barack! Grade 9 student invites former president to her after-school program

Thirteen-year-old Eve Wedderburn posted a video on Twitter asking Barack Obama to visit her after-school program when he's in the city next month.

Yarmouth using free housing to help with doctor recruitment

Yarmouth is offering medical students a free place to live three doors down from the regional hospital in an effort to lure more of them to the region. It's the latest creative solution to the community's doctor shortage.

Old-growth trees cut down to build Highway 103 access road, says group

A group that's trying to protect an area of wilderness about 40 kilometres west of Halifax is angry that the province is allowing a road to be built directly through what they say is old-growth forest.

Why this Halifax filmmaker wants to make a feature film entirely in Gaelic

Iain MacLeod is writing a crime thriller based on a 2,000-year-old Irish epic. The twist is that it will be set in modern-day Cape Breton.

Halifax police will apologize for street checks, says chief

The chief of the Halifax Regional Police said at a meeting on Monday that his force will formally apologize for the controversial practice that disproportionately targeted black people.

They're still in elementary school — but these students' vote will count

The students in Temma Frecker's Grade 5/6 class at The Booker School in Port Williams, N.S., are still several years away from casting a ballot themselves, but their teacher has entrusted her sacred civic duty to the next generation. 

Unable to get treatment here, N.S. woman with endometriosis to leave province

Michelle Avery travelled to Ottawa to see a specialized surgeon this summer because there are no doctors in Nova Scotia who treat the most difficult endometriosis cases. Now, she says she's preparing to move there for good.

Beloved Halifax coffee shop Java Blend changing hands

A family-run coffee shop that’s become synonymous with Halifax’s north end has been sold, but the new owners say they have no plans to mess with a good thing.