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Emma Smith is a journalist from B.C. who has covered rural issues and Indigenous communities. Before joining CBC Nova Scotia in 2017, she worked as the editor of a community newspaper. Have a story idea to send her way? Email emma.smith@cbc.ca

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COVID-19 inspired this 86-year-old musician to write a pandemic waltz

The Pandemic Waltz, written by Margaret MacGregor-MacDonald from Antigonish, N.S., is airy and hopeful and sure to make you forget all about the dark days of COVID-19.

RCMP investigate racist letter sent to Pictou Landing chief

The chief of Pictou Landing First Nation says she can no longer stay quiet about the racism she's faced after receiving a threatening letter last week that police are now investigating. 

Psychologist warns of mental health costs of keeping kids out of school

Without the routine and social connection that school brings, many kids and teens have reported feeling sad, stressed and anxious since the pandemic cancelled classes in mid-March, according to a Dartmouth psychologist.

Nova Scotia mourns loss of 27-year-old disability advocate

Alex Peeler of Conquerall Bank, N.S., died suddenly at the age of 27, according to the Town of Bridgewater, where Peeler worked as an events coordinator.

For the Jones family, fighting for civil rights is in the DNA

Three generations of the Jones family joined CBC's Information Morning to talk about their long history of social activism at a time when so many are joining together to protest anti-Black racism.

After an almost 4-decade break, Halifax restaurant staff reunites to serve again

The small but mighty team behind Chenpapa at the Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market first started working together at another restaurant in the early 1980s. After a lengthy break, they reunited in 2017.

Rural N.S. police chief says officers not best suited to respond to mental health crises

Two rural Nova Scotia police forces say their officers aren't adequately equipped to help people experiencing mental health crises, but they're often the only service available when someone calls.

Forest fires started by 'machine tracks' prompt calls for temporary ban on logging

Two fires that burned more than a hundred hectares of forest in King County, N.S., last month were started by machinery in the woods, Nova Scotia Environment said.

Staying sober during COVID-19 can be a struggle, says recovering alcoholic

Stress, boredom and isolation have been a dangerous combination for Nova Scotians struggling to stay sober during COVID-19, says the founder of Sober City Halifax.

Lunenburg potter denied federal job funding says it's needed now more than ever

A potter in Lunenburg, N.S., says she's left scrambling to find a way to run her small business this summer after being denied federal funding this late in the year for the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Grandkids on top secret mission to bring cancelled Tattoo to Nanny Joyce's doorstep

Joyce Meikle hasn't missed the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo since it started in 1979 — and her grandkids aren't about to let COVID-19 change that.

Rebrand of Bloomfield site a 'slap in the face' to community, says north-end resident

A marketing campaign to sell the historic Bloomfield property in Halifax’s north end is a "slap in the face" to local residents who’ve spent decades trying to save the site for community use, says a longtime resident.

Rock wall built by landowners impedes beach access, say Pictou County residents

Beachgoers in Pictou County say a large rock wall built by landowners to protect their property from erosion impedes access to a popular beach, and they worry it could set a dangerous precedent for beach access in Nova Scotia.

1 year after Wortley report, author says police reform in N.S. has long way to go

The Toronto criminologist behind a report that found Black people in Halifax are disproportionately targeted by street checks says police reform must be more than lip service as calls to defund forces grow louder.

Halifax woman injured during Walmart arrest says Floyd's death 'extremely overwhelming'

A Halifax woman who was arrested while shopping at Walmart with her children earlier this year says she knows what George Floyd was feeling the day he died.