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Emma Davie is a reporter, web writer and videojournalist in Halifax. She loves listening to, and telling stories from people in the Maritimes. You can reach her at emma.davie@cbc.ca.

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5 Roman Catholic churches to be shuttered on Eastern Shore

Among the closures is St. Anselm's in West Chezzetcook. Its parishioners have been calling for it to reopen since it closed due to mould last November.

University students rescue 8 from sailboat off Lunenburg

A Canadian Coast Guard zodiac was dispatched to the scene early Wednesday morning.

Quiet resurgence: Americans coming north to fill prescriptions on the rise again

How Americans are able to get a valid Canadian prescription varies. But right now, it isn't impacting Canada's health-care system or supply.

Canadians' enthusiasm wanes for legal pot and edibles, study finds

The Dalhousie University study, released Thursday, also found that 60 per cent of marijuana users continue to buy from the same supplier as they did before smoking pot became legal last year.

Why desperate Americans are driving to Canada in caravans for insulin

As the cost of insulin continues to skyrocket in the U.S., people are making the trek north as an alternative to paying thousands of dollars to stay alive. And it could have consequences for the insulin supply in Canada.

Warning issued after possible measles exposure at Halifax Infirmary

Anyone who visited the Robie Street emergency room on April 17 from 12 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. may have been exposed to measles.

A camera in a Halifax cab raises questions about privacy

A woman wants to see clear signs letting passengers know they're being recorded after she says she had an uncomfortable taxi ride in Halifax last week.

Day of Mourning ceremony a reminder more work to be done

The Day of Mourning Ceremony in Halifax Sunday remembered those who died in the workplace, and provided an opportunity to remind officials that more needs to be done to protect people on the job.

Reduce amount of rope in water to protect right whales, says U.S. advisory group

An advisory group in the U.S. is recommending the federal government reduce the number of fishing lines in the water and lessen the strength of ropes to save endangered North Atlantic right whales. Canada has taken a different approach.

Lunenburg Opera House finds new owners

The building on Lincoln Street was sold to the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society.

Fate of trail uncertain as piece of 'beloved' Fleming Park put up for sale

A piece of property in Halifax's Sir Sandford Fleming Park has been put up for sale. That property includes part of the park's trail.

Drag queen group switches venue for more accessible shows

Starting next month, Queens of the Glamazon — made up of queens Rouge Fatale, Eureka Love and Farrah Moan — will perform regularly at the Bus Stop Theatre.

Too young for shingles? Think again

While shingles typically affects people ages 50 and older, it can happen in younger adults — but because those numbers aren't tracked in Nova Scotia, it's hard to know exactly how many under 50 are affected.

Animal shelter staff member cuddles up with dog, has 'sleepover' during storm

And if the storm continues, Shanda Antle says she'll be having another sleepover at Dartmouth, N.S., animal shelter on Wednesday night.

This ice is welcome on the streets of Dartmouth

Despite the icy weather in the province, the ice for the artists to carve had to be brought in from Caraquet, N.B.