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Elizabeth McMillan is a journalist with CBC's Atlantic investigative unit. Over the past 11 years, she has reported from the edge of the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Coast and loves sharing people's stories. Please send tips and feedback to elizabeth.mcmillan@cbc.ca

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N.S. gunman liquidated assets, stockpiled gas and food due to COVID-19 fears, RCMP say

The man who killed 22 people in rural Nova Scotia stockpiled cash, food and fuel due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, but he gave the people close to him no indications he was plotting an attack, according to the RCMP.
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How did N.S. schools keep in touch with students during the pandemic?

CBC reached out to every school board in Atlantic Canada in an effort to gauge how educators tracked student participation after schools closed due to the pandemic. In Nova Scotia, it's still not clear how many students participated.
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'This is nuts': Truro police call logs show confusion during N.S. shooting rampage

Dispatch call logs from the Truro Police Service obtained by CBC News through access to information give a glimpse into the confusion as RCMP scrambled to track down the suspect travelling through rural communities shooting people between April 18 and 19.
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2011 tip that warned N.S. gunman wanted 'to kill a cop' was purged from RCMP records

Police agencies across Nova Scotia were warned in May 2011 that a denturist named Gabriel Wortman had a stash of guns and said he wanted “to kill a cop,” according to records newly obtained by CBC News.

RCMP hoped vehicle data could shed light on N.S. gunman's prior movements

RCMP hoped navigation logs from vehicles owned by the gunman responsible for last month's mass shooting in rural Nova Scotia could show whether he previously travelled the route he took during his violent rampage, newly unsealed court documents reveal.

Unsealed court document reveals N.S. gunman called a 'psychopath' by witness who knew him

A Nova Scotia judge has agreed to unseal one of the documents outlining the information RCMP used to obtain a search warrant in the investigation into the shooting rampage that resulted in the death of 22 people last month.

Gunman in N.S. mass shooting likely used gasoline to torch homes and vehicles, say RCMP

Investigators suspect the gunman responsible for the mass shooting in rural Nova Scotia that killed 22 people used gasoline while setting homes and vehicles on fire. They also released information about where he obtained decals for his replica RCMP cruiser.
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Confusion over cruiser, safety vest led RCMP to shoot at person who wasn't N.S. gunman

Confusion over a parked police cruiser and someone wearing a safety vest led two RCMP officers to start shooting at a person at a central Nova Scotia firehall during the manhunt for the gunman in last month's mass shooting, sources confirmed to CBC.

CBC applying to unseal information used to obtain search warrants in N.S. shooting

A Nova Scotia judge is expected to hear arguments Monday about whether to unseal the information the Mounties used to obtain search warrants to access property belonging to the man they say is responsible for killing 22 people in a shooting rampage.

RCMP took suspected targets to safety during Nova Scotia rampage

As front-line officers frantically tried to track down the man on a shooting rampage in rural Nova Scotia last weekend, investigators behind the scenes were trying to figure out who the gunman was aiming for next.
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Girlfriend of N.S. gunman was among his victims, but she survived

New details are emerging about what happened during the 13-hour manhunt for the shooter who RCMP say killed 22 people in rural Nova Scotia.

Some N.S. nursing homes end window visits amid COVID-19 concerns

Images of family members connecting with elderly loved ones through windows have become a poignant symbol of physical distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak, but some nursing homes in Nova Scotia have put a stop to the practice.

Northwood increases COVID-19 testing after 23% of residents test positive

Nearly a quarter of residents at Northwood, Halifax’s largest nursing home, have tested positive for COVID-19 and administrators say they’re now going to be swabbing all residents and staff, regardless of whether people are showing symptoms.

Long-term care homes set up isolation units in fight against COVID-19

Seniors residences across Nova Scotia are bracing for the possibility of COVID-19 outbreaks, and facilities with confirmed cases are setting up isolation units to try to contain the spread of the virus.

Legal experts say COVID-19 orders under N.S. state of emergency lack detail

Some residents and legal experts worry that more than three weeks into Nova Scotia's state of emergency, restrictions on life are too vague and enforcement could go too far.