Nova Scotia

Eastern Passage development rejected

Eastern Passage residents spoke out against a proposed development in their community Tuesday night at Halifax's City Hall.

Halifax regional council quashed a development proposal Tuesday night after Eastern Passage residents spoke out against it.

Council opened its doors to a public meeting at City Hall and was told the development was too big, and that Eastern Passage doesn't have the infrastructure to welcome hundreds of new residents.

Those who went to the meeting said they don't want the new housing and also questioned if it would fit in esthetically.

Armco Capital, part of the Armoyan family, wants to build two six-storey apartment buildings on the south side of Shearwater, off Hines Road.

It also wants to build 54 row houses on the same land.

"For many, many years we've been promised, you know, development. Eastern Passage you'll get this, you get that, you'll get high schools. We've got nothing, Our infrastructure is falling apart," said resident Pat Phelps. 

Phelps said there is more to it than the lack of sidewalks or a sewage treatment plant that already needs millions of dollars in upgrades.

Louise Henman-Poirer said she doesn't like the look of the proposed apartments and housing units, and says Eastern Passage needs more services, not more people.

"There's no library, there's no grocery, there's no bank, there's one … near-retirement family doctor," she said.

Crystal Fuller spoke for Armco and said the company is willing to negotiate to make the development happen.

"We are interested. I am personally interested in what the community has to say about this so we develop a quality development," she said.

Council later rejected the development proposal, voting 9-8.

The developer has the option to come back with different plans.

More public hearings would be scheduled before any final decision on the development is made.