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East Hants aims to beat Texas county's world washer toss record

About 630 people people gathered at the East Hants Sportsplex this weekend to try and break the Guinness World Record for largest washer toss tournament.

628 participants took part in event hosted during 1st-ever East Hants homecoming weekend

The community of East Hants, N.S. attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the largest washer toss tournament this weekend. (Kody Blois)

The community of East Hants may have broken a world record this weekend.

There were 628 people gathered at the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz, N.S., to try and break the Guinness World Record for largest washer toss tournament.

The event was put together as part of Tide Fest, a first-year festival to support the local area.

"It's incredible. It was truly a community coming together to make it a reality," said Kody Blois, president of The Come Home East Hants Association, the non-profit that organized Tide Fest.

About 630 people came out for the washer toss tournament at the East Hants Sportsplex this weekend. The current world record took place in Wise County, TX with 486 participants. (Kody Blois)

"It was kind of surreal when you pick up your washer and you're looking out and there's just hundreds of people playing at the same time."

Blois said the current record was held in Wise County, TX, with 486 participants. He said they plan to submit an official package right away. So long as its verified, East Hants will hold the new record.

$12,000 raised from the tournament

People came from as far away as Newfoundland, Alberta and even Ohio for the tournament. (Kody Blois)

Blois said Tide Fest was developed to create a festival that could benefit local initiatives in the community.

He said they raised at least $12,000 from the event. People came from as far as Newfoundland, Alberta and Ohio for the tournament.

​"There's some folks I'll say in the Maritimes that take washer toss quite seriously and they were very good. They don't miss the box — the washer's going in every throw. It makes for really interesting games," Blois said.

"The participants had a lot of fun, whether they were competitive or recreational."

Plans to hold the festival again next year

The first place title went to a team from New Brunswick with Mike Gulliver and Romeo Leblanc. In second place, Pat MacDonald and Kenny Newcomb from the Annapolis Valley.

"It's a ton of work to be able to put this stuff on," Blois said. 

"But the overall support and feedback that we had from people ... is that they'd like to see a year two."