Community helps search for dog allegedly killed by teen

Dog owners and neighbours scoured the snow-covered ground near a pond in Herring Cove Saturday in the hopes of finding a yorki-chihuahua named Tucker.

'I just want to bring him home,' says owner Cindy Beaver

Cindy Beaver, right, was searching through the snow on Saturday for her dog, Tucker. (Emma Smith/CBC)

UPDATE: According to a post on Facebook, Cindy Beaver recovered her dog's body on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 24.

Dog owners and community members scoured the snow-covered ground near a pond in Herring Cove, N.S., Saturday in the hopes of finding a dog named Tucker.

Owner Cindy Beaver knows she won't find her "teeny, tiny" yorki-chihuahua alive, but she's looking for closure.

Halifax Regional Police have charged an 18-year-old man with killing an animal and assault. Beaver said her daughter was attacked at their home the night of Jan. 15.

Cindy Beaver said she's overwhelmed by the people, most of them strangers, who have helped her search. (Emma Smith/CBC)

Police say the woman left for a short time, and when she returned, the house was a mess, a pet bird was injured and one of Beaver's three dogs was missing.

"I just want to bring him home. I don't want him to sit outside and rot. That's it. I just want to bring him home," said Beaver who made an impassioned plea on Facebook for help locating Tucker. 

A teen is facing several other charges including uttering threats, injuring an animal and property damage.

Beaver believes the dog's body was dumped near Long Pond, but the heavy snow and branches haven't made the search easy.

"We've looked in dumpsters, garbage bins, green bins, everything from here to Spryfield," she said. "So this is our last hope is to go through all the snow, all the branches, everything until something comes up."

More than a dozen people combed the area on Saturday, and others who drove by joined the search. Most didn't know Beaver personally, but had read her widely-shared Facebook post.

Allison Murphy from Bedford, N.S., said she heard about Tucker on Facebook. (Emma Smith/CBC)

"It's a sin. It's like trying to find your child is what it is, so that's why I'm here," said Tammy Dobbin, who was there with her dog, niece and grandson.

She said she wasn't going to leave until they find the dog.

Allison Murphy, a social worker from Bedford, saw the post and brought her two dogs to help with the search. 

"Being a dog owner, I couldn't have not shown up today. I just feel so sad for her," she said.

More than a dozen people showed up near Cindy Beaver's house to help search for Tucker. (Emma Smith/CBC)

Beaver said she's overwhelmed by the support.

While some people stayed for a couple hours Saturday morning, many vowed to return and help find Tucker.

"Anybody else, any other hands that can come down and sift through that snow because there's so much of it. It's not that big of an area, we just need it covered," Beaver said. 

A greyhound named Coast, and his owner Ryan Casey, were among the search party on Saturday. (Emma Smith/CBC)

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