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Dogs seized after attacking 3 people in Halifax-area neighbourhood

A Halifax woman whose son owned three large dogs that have a history of aggression is happy animal control has seized them. Neighbours are also relieved the dogs no longer pose a threat.

Woman who lives in neighbourhood says she's relieved no one was more seriously injured

Dianna Levin says the dogs belong to her son and that she's sorry for the people who were injured by the animals. (Mark Crosby/CBC)

A Halifax-area woman facing charges after three dogs attacked two young people and a police officer earlier this week says the animals are no longer living at her home.

Dianna Levin said the dogs belong to her son, Adam, who has also been charged under the municipality's animal bylaw following the attacks.

"I need to let people know that these dogs were not mine, I was saddled with them and somebody needed to take care of them," Levin told CBC News Thursday.

On Tuesday evening, the three dogs managed to get out of Levin's Fairview house and attack two young people.

While Levin was trying to round up her son's dogs, the youngest of the three lunged at a police officer who arrived after a neighbour called for help.

Meaghan Speck says she's been worried about children in the neighbourhood, including her own, because of the dogs' history of aggression. (Mark Crosby/CBC)

Stephen Jess, who lives across the street from Levin's home, came to the young person's aid.

"The young lady that was bitten was on the sidewalk, and she was sitting down and her arm, you could plainly tell that it was bleeding and the dog had gotten a hold of her arm," he said.

It's the third attack involving the dogs in the last nine months. Court records show the Levins are facing charges in connection with incidents on Nov. 4 and Dec. 17, 2020.

The dogs are now being held by animal control, which is investigating. 

'I blame the system'

Meaghan Speck said she and her husband intervened in the December attack.

Since then, Speck has been worried about children on the street, including her own, who are six and 10.

"There's kids, you know, little kids that could never have defended themselves against those dogs," said Speck. "I'm glad that nothing worse has taken place, that there wasn't more serious injuries."

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Speck said she cannot understand why dogs with a history of attacks were able to remain with their owner.

"I blame the system 100 per cent," Speck said. "The bylaws need to change."

Dianna Levin and Adam Levin have each been charged with 24 offences related to the two prior attacks under the municipality's animal bylaw, including owning a dog that is unlawfully running at large, and owning a dog that attacks a person.

The maximum fine for each offence is $5,000.