Nova Scotia

Sydney gynecologist must have attendant to examine female patients

A notice sent to health-care professionals says Cape Breton Regional Hospital obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Manivasan Moodley has voluntarily agreed to have an attendant present for all "female patient encounters."

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia reached voluntary agreement with Dr. Manivasan Moodley

Dr. Manivasan Moodley, who started working at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in March, must post notices in his office informing patients of the attendant requirement. (Robert Short/CBC)

A Sydney, N.S., obstetrician and gynecologist is now required to "have an attendant present for all female patient encounters" after agreeing to the measure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Manivasan Moodley began practising at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital in March. 

CBC News has obtained a copy of a notice sent to pharmacists, health-care professionals and stakeholders. The undertaking with the college stipulates "the attendant will have an unobstructed view of any procedure performed." The attendant must be there "from beginning to end."

The college is not explaining what prompted the undertaking, and said that under the Medical Act it is not required to publicize voluntary agreements.

In an email, it said such undertakings are "negotiated between the college and physicians for a variety of reasons and in a variety of circumstances."

Must post notices

The undertaking took effect on Sept. 5 and Moodley must post notices in his waiting room and exam rooms to let patients know an attendant is required.

The college said the attendant must be a health-care professional that it has approved.

Moodley has not responded to a message from CBC News asking for comment. He has not been the subject of any disciplinary decisions.

Moodley graduated from the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine at University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa in 1987.